Advice for Grad Students

Whether you are considering starting an MA or PhD in Anthropology, or are already in the middle of a program, here are some issues that you may wish to consider in how you approach your studies and what you hope to get out of your degree. (If you are considering a PhD program, Hortensii offers some solid advice on What you should know before entering a PhD programme, and you may want to ask yourself, as Jennifer Polk does, What is a PhD, anyway?)

These pages are by no means exhaustive, but are meant to point current and potential students, and their advisers to some resources that may help in making more informed decisions about how to approach graduate studies and a career as an anthropologist. Click on the following links for resources related to:

  • Job Market: Realities & Opportunities 
    • This section addresses: Precarity in the University Labour Market, Career Coaching & Advice, Networking & Interviewing for Jobs, and Writing Resumes and (versus) CVs.
  • Professional Development Strategies
    • Here we offer advice on professional development in the context of your studies, as well as strategies for thinking about and preparing for your future beyond the university by engaging in alternative, non-academic career activities during grad school.
  • Writing Tips
    • Writing is a big part of graduate studies. This page offers tips on strategies for writing your major research paper/ thesis/ dissertation,  as well as other kinds of writing like peer reviews and comps, blogging and for peer-reviewed publication.
  • Conferences
    • For grad students, attending a conference can be both exciting and a bit daunting. Read through these collected posts for tips and further resources on writing abstracts, crafting posters, moderating and chairing sessions, contributing to the conversation, and networking.
  • and Grad Student Wellness
    • It's very easy for graduate students to get wrapped up in their work and let taking care of themselves go. Check through some of these links for advice on staying well mentally and physically during your studies. 

    If you have any resources for graduate students that would add to this page, we would love to hear from you. Contact the team at anthro everywhere! by email or tweet us @anthrolens

Last updated: 1 February 2018