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It's very easy for graduate students to get wrapped up in their work and let taking care of themselves go. Forgetting to eat lunch because you were too busy reading or writing can be just the tip of the iceberg. 

Check through some of these links for general advice on staying well during your studies:
Here are some more specific links connected to wellness and writing -- which is such a big part of grad school. It is also often a key source of anxiety for grad students, and often leads to physical health problems associated with sitting at a computer for long hours. In addition to our page on Writing Tips, here is some writing-centred advice:
  • Perfectionist gridlock is a problem that many of us face throughout our degrees. Grad Logic offers 8 ways to Get Unstuck.
  • General writer's block is also a common problem. Check out Academic Muse's post, Writing Too Slowly? The Reason Why and What You Can Do and Gradhacker's post on Pushing Past Writing Blocks.
  • Ashley Sanders discusses how and why to organize Writing Boot Camps as a way to break out of the isolation of writing and develop a community of support, and accountability to your time-lines. This post also provides links to get you started.
  • Your health care coverage. Students -- especially those who are part of labour unions for teaching or research assistant positions -- are often covered for a range of health care benefits. If you have access to subsidized care for things like massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy, take advantage of it to help ease or correct the physical tensions your body takes on from long hours in front of a computer screen. 
  • If you are a university employee by virtue of your studies, you might also have access to ergonomic training or work-station modification through your university's office of Occupational Health and Safety.
Negotiating the challenges of field work. As anthropologists, graduate students can also face unique wellness challenges as fieldworkers -- many of which are well-known by your mentors and senior students, but are often little discussed.
Funding is a big issue for most grad students. Here are a few selected resources to help you manage your money and pursue self-care on a budget.

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Professional Development Strategies 
Writing Tips


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Last updated: 2 June 2017