25 February 2016

Ethnography Summer Reading List

Why not start a summer reading list with Kelly Ray Knight's addicted.pregnant.poor?

In this ethnography, Knight details her work with pregnant addicts in San Fransisco to explore themes of gender, poverty and drugs"  and maps "changing conceptions of ‘deserving’ recipients of welfare, as well as transformations in understandings of addiction and the rise of pharmaceutical ‘fixes’ for these conditions" (Bell, 2016).

Kristen Bell, who covered this book for Somatosphere, describes its worth as such:

Indeed, from a pedagogical standpoint I could see this being a very valuable book in, say, a methods course, as well as the more obvious contenders (namely, courses on medical anthropology and addiction). 

In sum, if you have an interest in addiction or gender, or just engaging ethnography in general, this book is well worth reading.