16 March 2016

If there were only 100 people on Earth

To start off any class in globalization, transnationalism or poverty, I often began with The Miniature Earth video because it never failed to surprise at least half the class (with the statistics, which would often be questioned after) and put what we were talking about into perspective. This video ends with 'Appreciate what you have. Do you best for a better world.' The video director then asks the viewer to contribute to charitable organizations.

This video is often updated with this new version - Link-- written and Produced by Gabriel Reilich. Animation by Jake Infusino.

This version ends different however because it asks us 'if the earth was reduced to 100 people, would we fight harder for equality?'

It might be an interesting question to pose to my class but I would argue, pessimistically, that we'd fight even harder against it.