15 June 2016

Anthropology Newspaper (beta)

If you felt a little overwhelmed by the wonderful (and extensive!) variety of current anthro blogs posted in the 2016 Anthropology Blog Report last week, you might want to check out the new Anthropology Newspaper. This blog publishes an aggregate feed from a wide variety of anthro blogs in one handy place, including posts from anthro everywhere!

This 'newspaper' is published by antropologi.info, a blog I first came across when I was working on my Master's degree and just starting to learn about the possibilities of blogging as a way to learn about and share an anthropological perspective. The site began in 2004 publishing on social and cultural anthropology in the news in English, Norwegian and German, but seems to have stopped publishing new posts on their blog in 2015. It is therefore great to see that antropologi.info has launched the Anthropology Newspaper! The pinboard-style page updates every 2-3 hours with posts from blogs published in English, German, and Norwegian. You can filter by language, and search through entries using their tag cloud, which lists the top 100 tags in the original blog posts.