29 August 2016

Decolonial Atlas

This blog -- The Decolonial Atlas -- is a really interesting tool for discussions of representation. As the authors explain,
The Decolonial Atlas, started in 2014, is an attempt to bring together maps which, in some way, challenge our relationships with the land, people, and state. It is based on the premise that there is no such thing as “truth” in cartography. Only interpretation. The orientation of a map, its projection, the presence of political borders, which features are included or excluded, and the language used to label a map are all subject to the map-maker’s agenda. Because most maps in use today serve to reinforce colonial understandings of the Earth, we are consciously creating maps which help us to re-imagine the world – to decolonize.
Maps are categorized by region, but also by subject (e.g. languages, biocultural diversity, historical maps, non-North orientations...). I could see this blog, or specific maps, being incorporated into an in-class discussion or short assignment.