28 November 2016

Anthropologists & Their Worlds (Les Possédés et leurs mondes)

The Université Laval in Quebec has launched a new series of interviews with (francophone) Canadian anthropologists: Les Possédés et leurs mondes (Anthropologists and Their Worlds). The audiovisual project has been made possible through a partnership between Laval, Anthropologie et Sociétés, the Canadian anthropology journal Anthropologica, and CASCA (the Canadian Anthropology Society/ la Société canadienne d'anthropologie).
This series presents audiovisual testimonies and reflections of Canadian anthropologists. Guests share their field experiences and their intellectual trajectories as well as the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. The films are open access ... and directed by Frédéric Benjamin Laugrand. (CASCA)
You can check out these French-language films via Laval's website, or the Anthropologie et Sociétés FaceBook page.