05 December 2016

VPhD career finder

If you are thinking about what you'd like to do with your degree in anthropology (or degrees in anthropology), or are just looking for some good answers to the kinds of questions about career options that grad students habitually dread over the holidays... why not check out this handy resource from Versatile PhD?
The Versatile PhD Career Finder
The Career Finder page is not just for anthropologists, but has organized a number of different types of non-academic careers into those best suited for Humanities & Social Science thinkers and STEM thinkers. Each career possibility listed provides open-access information about what a job in the field entails, where you might start in that field, possibilities for advancement, disciplines that have an edge in certain fields, and how you might shape your professional development strategies to help you enter a particular field. (Some universities that have a subscription with VPhD will also have access to premium content such as real life examples and resumes from people in these fields.)

VPhD also offers other kinds of resources and support for PhD students across the disciplines, such as local meet-ups and a blog.

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