31 August 2017

Thinking about careers outside of the Academy: NIH's OITE Careers Blog

The American National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a thorough Career Services blog providing a wealth of advice that will be of use for recent grads and graduate students.

While the blog is more natural sciences than social sciences oriented, much of the advice will still be relevant for anthropology and other social sciences/ humanities students. It offers advice, resources, and tips on wide range of different topics, such as grant writing, grad school applications, academic careers, interviewing, teaching and mentoring, wellness... the list goes on!

One thread that caught our attention was Careers Outside of the Academy, and we're adding a few of these links to our Advice for Grad Students page.

For instance, check out this Guide to Cover Letters, which provides examples for a variety of potential career paths, including for graduate students applying to industry positions, applying fro postdocs, and postdocs applying to faculty positions. You might also want to check out a few interesting posts, such as:

Quick links and further reading: