04 January 2018

Highly Accurate Pictures of Anthropologists

Here's something fun for back to class: the relatively new tumblr Highly Accurate Pictures of Anthropologists!

Alex Golub posted about his new project on anthro{dendum} back in November, but it is totally worth a re-post here. Golub notes the impetus for this new tumblr as "driven by [his] long-term interest in curating open access material. The Internet is awash in high-quality material. But it’s also awash in… well, let’s just say that sometimes the signal to noise ration on the Internet is not where I’d want it to be. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to pictures of anthropologists."

Not only a fun/ useful collection to review, but the tumblr account also has lots of great links to the online sources for these photos (#FurtherReading). Golub is also taking requests if there's an anthropologist out there whose highly accurate and well-sourced picture you need.

Happy 2018!