16 February 2017

Scholarly paths that lead beyond the university

I'll admit, my love of cardigan sweaters was what first caught my attention and prompted me to read this article about professional development and careers beyond academia: Life After Academe: My Blazer Is a Cardigan (CHE, 2013).

But, even if you're not as passionate about button-down sweaters as I am, author Jocelyn Dawson nonetheless offers some sage advice for graduate students thinking about their future career paths -- and how theirs might (and probably will) take them away from the university sector. Yet, as Dawson notes, the "choice of a nonacademic career does not mean forsaking the reasons you chose a scholarly path in the first place."

If this sounds like you (or your students!), Dawson's article is a good place to start thinking about the possibilities after graduation. Then, you can head over to our Advice for Grad Students page for tips and strategies that you can use to help prepare you to think more broadly about what that scholarly path might look like further down the road. You can also peruse the links we've gathered for where some anthropologists are working beyond the ivory tower. Don't forget your cardigan...