13 April 2016

Interesting Opportunity for those willing to Relocate - Pathways to Prosperity

Looking for a new and exciting adventure?

The Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) exchange program provides relocation travel funding so that students and postdoctoral fellows have opportunities to participate in new research or broaden the scope and breadth of research they already have underway; collect and/or analyze data at another university, at a settlement agency, or at a government department; and take courses at another university while also conducting research there.

The due date for applications is April 18, 2016. By applying to the exchange program, you are giving the P2P permission to circulate your application to interested applicants or hosts. We will facilitate discussions and negotiations between applicants and hosts, with the goal of ensuring that when a successful match is made and funded, there is clear agreement about the duration and responsibilities of both parties.